Etsy Introduces PayPal on Its Direct Checkout Payment Option

Etsy announces its new scheme of choosing PayPal for its direct checkout payment option. This announcement doesn’t seem to be a big issue as many marketplaces like Etsy already accepts payment option like PayPal.

This PayPal option provides a modest way of payment experience to both buyers and sellers, where this payment option will be the same like Credit card payment for the sellers.

If sellers can accept only PayPal option or if they accept both Direct and PayPal option, they can able to upgrade to new version of the direct payment with PayPal integration.

Etsy launched its direct checkout option in the year 2012 that enable merchants to accept payments through credit cards, without having the need of making online payments and create a merchant credit card account. At some point it is considered that Etsy has totally excluded PayPal.

Direct checkout has some merits that provide the facility to merchants to accept Etsy gift certificates, so they can easily manage their payment fee. Sellers who accept only direct payment option can receive orders from buyers who wish to pay through PayPal.

Already PayPal had tied up with eBay, but this latest announcement of PayPal direct checkout in Etsy suggests its separation from eBay, but these two are still in the tie up sharing the data because of five year operation agreement on behalf of July breakup. The comment section of this announcement shows people’s willingness to go with this payment option.

Etsy’s New Commerce Platform Shoppost

Nowadays buying and selling on Etsy marketplace can be made simple by Shoppost, a platform that enables sellers to sell their products in places where they share their products.

Shoppost provides the facility for Etsy sellers to sell their products using online social media platforms like Twitter, Face book, Tumbler and Interest.

How it works??

Shop posts that acts like a normal post in social media include images and information about the product, including availability, cost, color and size. Shop posts is having a ‘buy’ button which when clicked, the shoppers will be directed to the merchant’s Etsy branded shopping cart from the social media page

How it benefits??

Nowadays there are a number of people who spend most of their time of Face book, so marketing can be made better if selling is carried out in people’s favorite spot.

Shop posts gives an option to bring storefront back to life through the social media platforms by providing complete information about the size, color, availability and cost of the product.

The first marketplace that offers Shop posts to its customer is Etsy, but Amazon has introduced Amazon web store to its retailers that focuses to keep the selling and buying process simple.

Antler has been launching a ‘share to Tumbler’ option in their Shop posts platform that enables the merchants to post Shop posts to Tumbler by a single click. This feature was available previously on Face book, Interest and Twitter. It is noted that 22 percent engagement of Shop posts is from Face book where 42 percent are from mobile.

Procedures for Etsy Marketing

Etsy is a unique site which allows the makers to sell their products and sellers to search for handmade and vintage goods. There are some obstacles which ruin its market, so here are some tips for Etsy Marketing:

Facebook advertisements:

Most of the business will have a hard time in the beginning of its launch, but after some period people grow their business through advertisements. People spend a lot of time on Facebook, so using Facebook for advertisements is a cost effective way which will fetch you more customers.

Write contents and create Tutorials:

Contents with instructions which tell people how to create their own craft serve as the best method of your Etsy marketing.

Use Instagram and Pinterest:

Instagram the image sharing app enable people to showcase their creations and get many followers.

Pinterest enable the visitors to pin your creations/images which serves as an opportunity to get your name out.

Email Marketing:

Email newsletters provide readers with a clear updating about your business. Through this you can convey people about the upcoming events and craft fairs.

Setup Google My business profile:

It is a new approach which enables local searchers knows about your business without any cost.

Schedule Ads:

You can display your ad to prospective customers for a particular time period when your store is open.

Creative unique business cards:

Create fun and attractive business cards and brochures which may help recognizing your brand.

Refine geological settings:

This option enables your ads to be visible only to local customers, so it avoids unwanted clicks from people outside your shipping area.

Online contests:

Conducting contests online will make your business grow as people love getting free compliments if they won the contest.

Include keyword research in your product description:

Using keyword planner, you can identify keywords that match the item you going to sell. If you find one, use that keyword for your product names and descriptions.

Asheville Startup Encourages Etsy Sellers

Ashville is an online tool that helps Etsy sellers to create their website in minutes launched by Annika schaeur.

While launching she was not confident about its success, but she got three pages of request in her inbox before sharing her idea with sellers through an online forum. Then she found a rise in the email requests.

This startup became popular within an hour of its launch because of its specialty in website creation.

It got more than 45 testers using the software in nine countries, before a month of its official launch on June 21.

Beeswax website is considered to be a software service company with Asheville, which offers a highly customized website to Etsy sellers. It automatically creates text, photos and data to their Etsy shop.

The main aim of Etsy is to provide your product at the top of your search but sellers have to pay for doing that.

Sellers who like to list their product for sale need to pay 20 cents and to relist those items in the top, they need to pay another 20 cents. Etsy gets revenue from both these 20 cents and some amount of commission on sales.

20 cents seem to be less when compared with starting a business, but these two will get quickly ads up. The BeesWax website enable customers to see a seller’s entire shop and also provides users with a package of 70 fonts along with 300 icons which can be displayed on the page.

Many sellers are ready to invest for the relisting, instead of displaying their items at the bottom of Etsy page.

Etsy’s mission to educate NYC entrepreneurs on business strategies

Etsy, the online shopping website that gives a nightmare to its contenders is the platform for unique sellers to make money off it. It has unique collections of handmade products that are classy and chic enough. The products are genuine and are not to be found anywhere else.  Earlier this year, Amazon launched a column exclusively for handmade products posing a threat to Etsy. Though many buyers shifted to Amazon due to its cheap price, Etsy’s individuality won over people’s hearts.

People are now looking forward to make money off their unique creations. The New York City is no exception case either because it has got many creative people who are looking to start a business on Etsy. The company is now planning to conduct an educational program to educate people of NYC. The accepted entrepreneurs can now attend the program in order to have an insight to business strategies. The company has announced to accept 15 to 20 founders during the educational program to train the entrepreneurs. The event would offer survival business strategies and key points for the budding entrepreneurs.

Etsy is known for its collection of classy products and a long list of controversies. Many sellers who just started as hobby to kill time have now become very famous, thanks to Etsy! The educational program would be useful for the New Yorkers to grow their business skills and tactics. We can expect a lot of young entrepreneurs from the great American city, no doubt about that!

Etsy Launches Same Day Delivery Option in New York City

Etsy is planning to improve its growth by its same day delivery option throughout New York City to stand out in the marketplace industry by forming a partnership with Postdates.

This new service of Etsy is to solve both the buyer and seller complaints. This service will be launched soon for all its sellers in all the parts of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn where postmates couriers are available. Shoppers in these areas can able to access the express delivery option on the search page of Etsy product and checkout pages where sellers have permitted the service.

Through this service Etsy conveyed that they are getting a lot of requests from buyers for getting their products faster. It’s impossible for the buyers to get something immediately after some hours of their ordering, but Etsy decided to solve this issue through its new service, which satisfies people are in emergency.

Etsy sellers can enable this same day delivery option to any number of products in its catalog and choose the time to hand over the goods to Postmates. Buyers who choose the delivery option have the facility to choose a delivery window for their same day or next day delivery. They can able to track the delivery after their order has been placed.

Etsy later recognizes that every seller cannot offer the same day delivery service but sellers who offer ready-made goods like vintage goods, jewelries and arts can offer the same day delivery option.